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Clean Heat, Clean Air

Massachusetts State Campaign for healthy homes and communities.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every child is assured clean air and a livable climate. In this future, Massachusetts homes and businesses are heated and cooled by affordable, energy-efficient, all-electric systems powered by clean, renewable energy. We are working to create a world where communities overburdened with polluting energy infrastructure are protected and healed.

The Challenge

More than 1 million homes are heated with utility gas in Massachusetts. It should come as no surprise that burning methane – the primary component of “natural” gas – creates dangerous indoor air pollution that can harm our health. Children are at particularly high risk of developing asthma and other respiratory ailments when this toxic fossil fuel is burned inside the home.

The gas distribution system that delivers fracked methane gas to our homes is accelerating climate change. The gas pipes that run beneath our neighborhood streets are riddled with leaks. In 2020, it is estimated that gas utilities leaked over 5,753 megatons of methane into the atmosphere – the equivalent of adding 107,000 cars to the road. Ratepayers footed the bill, paying utilities over $5 million dollars to cover the lost gas.

Our reliance on fracked gas and other fossil fuels causes the most harm in frontline environmental justice communities. Power plants, compressor stations, extraction sites, and pipelines are often sighted in low-income, black, brown, indigenous and immigrant communities. The health and safety of these communities has been sacrificed so fossil fuel companies can sell products that warm our climate and hurt our health.

The Opportunity

We have an opportunity to transition away from fossil fuels to clean heating systems powered by renewable electricity. The technology to transition our homes and businesses is ready to be deployed. Now, Massachusetts residents must organize, demand action, and keep leaders accountable.

Educational Building Blocks

Learn more about how we can bring clean heat and clean air to Massachusetts! Our campaign team has create a library bite-sized learning opportunities for busy advocates. Dive deep on key concepts, meet the volunteers behind the campaign, and find out how you can take action:

Our Goals

Our campaign seeks to provide clean air and a livable climate for all children in ways that center environmental, racial, and economic justice. Together, we are working to halt the expansion of polluting energy infrastructure and enact systemic changes that will provide clean, safe and affordable energy to heat our homes and buildings.

The Clean Heat, Clean Air team is working to achieve four impact goals by the end of 2022:

Close the Weymouth Compressor Station

The Weymouth Compressor station will be off line, effectively derailing the Atlantic Bridge gas pipeline project and sharply reducing the transmission of fracked gas from Pennsylvania through New England and up to Canada.

Plan a Just Transition from Utility Gas to Clean Heat

Gas utility transition plans (National Grid, Eversource and Berkshire Gas) will reflect a commitment and clear benchmarks to transition to safe, renewable, affordable fuel, with just transition protections for workers. Legislative changes and DPU regulations will be enacted to support this transition, prioritizing access to safe, clean heat for all, regardless of income.

Give Local Communities Control

Local and state policies will be in place to require green building standards (net zero and fossil fuel free) for all new construction by 2025. At least 5 municipalities will lead the way toward this transition with local policies.

Clean Heat for Existing Buildings

A significant number of existing buildings will be identified and in line for deep retrofits to be energy efficient, fossil-fuel free, electrified and healthy, with a statewide plan and funding in place for large-scale change.

Get Involved

Volunteer with our campaign team! We have roles for writers, editors, social media mavens, graphic designers, artists, videographers, social butterflies, web designers, and more! Email us, and we’ll help put your unique skills and talents to work for Clean Heat, Clean Air.

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