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Climate Action Calls: Supporting Puerto Rico Post-Hurricane 

With the recent hurricanes wreaking havoc on communities in Florida and Puerto Rico, we’re seeing the dire consequences of climate change in action right now. That’s why Mothers Out Front recently organized two national climate action calls to discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona and how mothers can join together to support the people of Puerto Rico as they work to rebuild.


The calls, led by Deep Organizing Director Keshia Sexton, discussed:

  • Climate and environmental issues prevalent on the island like erosion of coastal areas, contaminated drinking water and towering landfills; 
  • Hurricane Fiona’s impact on the people of Puerto Rico; and
  • How these devastating climate events are part of larger overall climate justice issues that intersect with race and class. 

Darlene Lebron, Entrepreneur, NYC Influencer, and Plus Size Mom, shared how hurricanes impacted the financial decisions her family in Puerto Rico has had to make throughout recovery from not just Hurricane Fiona, but from Hurricane Maria as well. She explained, “The average income in Puerto Rico is below the poverty rate of most states in the U.S. So my parents who had budgeted for a life of retirement are now considering going back to work. Because they cannot pay just for basic amenities…they’re not trying to save for big vacations, they’re just trying to live and survive.” 

Want to help? Here are two ways to provide support to the people of Puerto Rico as they recover from this devastating storm:

  1. Supporters can donate to our partnering organization UnidosUS, which has been on the ground purchasing food and other resources for people impacted by Hurricane Fiona. 
  2. Write a letter to the Biden Administration to ensure the people of Puerto Rico get the just recovery that they deserve. For more information, and to access the action toolkit, please click here