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Statement on the Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan

As mothers and others who are focused on ensuring a livable climate and a just world for all children, we are encouraged to see decisive leadership from the Biden Administration through today’s announcement of the American Jobs Plan.

There is an urgent need to focus America’s strength and innovation, and to channel our dollars to create jobs that contribute to the building of technology and infrastructure necessary to address the challenges of today and the hopes of tomorrow. This means developing clean energy through transforming electrical grids, building charging stations for electric cars and trucks, providing electric school buses for school districts, and retrofitting residential and commercial buildings to increase energy efficiency. Building this infrastructure will also provide opportunities for good-paying jobs that can ensure that working families thrive in a new economy that is more equitable for all.

We are heartened to see a focus on building new and safe infrastructure for drinking water. Every family deserves clean air and water in their community–this is a basic right. Equally important in this plan is the shutting down of fossil fuel infrastructure which has enriched itself at the cost of human lives and the sustainability of our planet.  This move is essential to the fight against climate change and the hope of a future where all children have a chance at health and prosperity. The American Jobs Plan is a step in the right direction to address the twin challenges of climate change and racial and economic injustices. We can do this only with a committed focus on transforming our society into one that values the health and wellbeing of all citizens.