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The Votes Are In!

We share the relief of millions around the country that the American people have successfully exercised their right to vote and elected our next President.  The Biden/Harris agenda includes transformative climate legislation and a just transition off of fossil fuels. We look forward to getting down to work with a new Administration to fight the climate crisis so that our kids are able to inherit a livable future.

It has been four long years of an administration that has denied the science around climate change and actively rolled back some 100 environmental regulations that protect our air and water. The time for action is shrinking and we must lean into an aggressive climate agenda that restores those critical regulations, doubles down on reducing carbon emissions, and proactively works to move the country towards renewable sources of energy.

As the results have come in today from key states, images of people standing in line for hours to vote come into focus. This election brought out more voters than any other in the history of our country. And, we know that historic numbers of youth and voters of color have made the difference in the outcome. We cannot let down those who fought for change. Our work for equity, environmental and racial justice, and a livable climate is more important than ever. We celebrate. Then we get back to work.

We must:

  • Use our collective power as moms to renew our call for transformative green legislation and a just transition off of fossil fuels to a clean energy economy.
  • Insist that any new Covid package focuses on climate relief, dollars for working people and no money to the fossil fuel industry.
  • Ensure that the Biden/Harris Administration takes racial justice into account when developing their climate agenda.
  • Call for the US to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords.

We can begin by introducing ourselves and our climate agenda to local, state, and national elected officials. They need to know that moms are organized, powerful and we will not back down. Let’s make sure climate policy is bold and uncompromising and that a just transition from fossil fuels to clean energy is a top priority for all leaders. The children of the world are counting on us.

Anya, Bobby, Electa, Eliza, Ellen, Kelsey, Keshia, and Vanessa

Mothers Out Front National Leadership Team