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“We, your customers and your future customers, demand that you stop funding projects that make children sick, pollute water, earth and air, accelerate climate crises, and increase environmental injustice.”

“We, your customers, demand that you remediate the pollution you have funded and invest in clean energy technologies.”


Big banks, insurance companies, and money managers fund, insure, and invest in fossil fuel companies. Fossil fuel companies pollute air, earth, and water. The greenhouse gases they release drives the climate crisis.   

Big banks, insurance companies, and money managers are responsible for destroying the health, safety, and livability of communities across the country. Many are communities of color and economic disadvantage.

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We want banks such as Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo to stop giving loans and lines of credits to fossil fuel companies. They fund Enbridge, EXXON, BP, Shell, and many fossil fuel companies responsible for fracking, pipelines, refineries, and compressor stations.  We want banks to stop funding projects that pollute and degrade the natural resources on which all life depends.    

Insurance Companies 

We want Liberty Mutual to stop insuring the pipelines, compressor stations, and other destructive projects that ravage tribal lands, poor communities, and the Arctic reserves. Without insurance, they can’t build their projects.  

Money Managers 

We want money managers such as BlackRock, Fidelity, Vanguard, State Street, and state pension plans to use their shareholder power to require companies they invest in to be transparent and to have climate mitigation plans and actions. And if not, they need to divest from these toxic and risky investments.

What We Do Together

  • Street stand-outs (as COVID allows)
  • Virtual Actions (calling, texting, emailing)
  • Meetings with company executives
  • Letter writing campaigns
  • Petitions
  • Social media storms
  • Joint actions with allies: Stop The Money Pipeline (STMP), Insure-Our-Future,, Sierra Club, Climate Finance Action, Extinction Rebellion, Elders Climate Action, and many others.

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Mothers Out Front Corporate Responsibility Communications Team 

Ellie, Jean, Sue, Toby, Alicia, Tracie, and David 

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All welcome! Our work spans all the states and regions without having to leave home.