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Protect Our Air Our Lives

What is the MVP Southgate Pipeline?

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a 303 mile pipeline being constructed to carry fracked gas from West Virginia into Virginia.  MVP is working to get approval for an extension of that pipeline that will take it an additional 70 miles from Pittsylvania County, VA into North Carolina’s Rockingham and Alamance counties. Its construction would devastate many sacred Indigenous sites, hundreds of water bodies (including 3 major rivers) and endangered species. The risks and damages would be borne by the communities who live along the pipeline’s proposed route, primarily Black, Indigenous, People of Color and low-income folks.

Indigenous water protectors and allies are fighting to protect their land. President Biden has the power to stop this project. He can review the permits granted by Trump and halt MVP and MVP Southgate construction immediately.  This will be the first climate test for his administration and we are making it clear that the MVP, MVP Southgate, Keystone XL, Dakota Access, and Line 3 pipelines must be stopped.

This pipeline is not needed. There is no evidence for increased demand that the Southgate extension would supply. In fact, the demand has decreased since 2010. N.C. DEQ has already officially questioned the need for this pipeline to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on multiple occasions. 

The impact is not justified. MVP Southgate would cross over 200 water bodies, some of which are used for drinking water supply including those that feed into the nutrient-sensitive Jordan Lake reservoir. The construction of the mainline route has led to over 350 water quality violations due to poor sediment and erosion control on behalf of the MVP contractors.

There are many health risks associated with pipelines.  Air and water quality surrounding pipelines diminish which leads to a direct impact on human health and safety.  These health impacts include:cancer, respiratory problems, heart problems, miscarriages, neurological problems, and impaired learning.  Pipeline compressors also release methane and nitrogen oxides. When methane leaks it can transform into formaldehyde, which irritates the nose, sinuses, respiratory tract, and may worsen asthma.  Nitrous Oxide is associated with respiratory disease.  Methane and Nitrous Oxide are greenhouse gasses 25 and 298 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, respectively. 

What Does it Mean to be Part of an Indigenous-led Movement?

“Traditionally and historically, these extractive companies have preyed upon our communities, either because we were poor, underprivileged, sometimes undereducated about the issues – but most of all, because we were working so hard to provide for our families, that we didn’t have the resources to defend ourselves. Through generational trauma of being in fear of a federal government or a dominant society, our strategy to survive was to keep our heads down, keep our mouths shut and go with the flow. Now that we are standing up and speaking out, we are letting these companies know that these practices can no longer exist this way. We are modeling solidarity. The end of divide and conquer. We are working across all cultures, all genders, all classes of people in solidarity together. Generally, BIPOC-led (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) activism comes from a peaceful context. This is the only way, historically, we’ve ever beat these bullies.

Traditionally, we were stewards of the land. We never had ownership of the land. We never had a context of owning anything. We want to remind people to go back to that. 

Thank you for your interest and support.  Pilahuk, pilamaya.

  • Indigenous Water Walk Leaders, Crystal Cavalier-Keck & Jason Crazy Bear Keck

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Sign Here

Please sign here to call on Joe Biden to #StopMVP and #STOPMVPSouthgate immediately and invoke a climate test for all pipelines.

More Ways to Take Action

Influence state officials in NC and VA

The more representatives hear from those they represent, the more likely they are to feel truly accountable to the people. We need everyone with phone or email access, no matter where you are, to reach out. Before calling or writing, take 3 minutes to pause, breathe deeply and reflect from your heart on why you are doing this. When engaging we must remember that as an Indigenous-led movement, we are coming from a peaceful context.

Contact NC DEQ

Call and email Secretary Delli-Gatti and her deputy, Sheila Holman, and let them know our concerns.

  • Dionne Delli-Gatti Secretary, NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ):; phone #: (919) 707-8622
  • Cc:  Kathleen Lance, Special Assistant, Secretary NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ): Email:;  phone #: (919) 707-8661

Subject: Deny the Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Permit Again
Email Script:The Mountain Valley Pipeline has already committed hundreds of violations in other states, negatively affecting public health.  The Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Extension threatens North Carolinians’ right to clean, safe water and air and has no benefits to the public.  As a North Carolinian, I ask that you please continue to prioritize the health and safety of our communities and our environment by again denying the 401 Water Quality Permit.

Contact NC Governor Roy Cooper 

Call and email Governor Cooper to let him know our concerns.

Subject: The Mountain Valley Southgate Extension is unnecessary!

Email Script: The Mountain Valley Pipeline has already committed over 350 violations of commonsense clean water protections in other states, negatively affecting public health.  The Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Extension threatens North Carolinians’ right to clean, safe water and air and has no benefits to the public.  As a North Carolinian, I ask that you please continue to prioritize the health and safety of our communities and our environment by opposing the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Contact Virginia Air Pollution Control Board
Email the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board to let him know our concerns.

Subject: APCB: Deny the Lambert Compressor Station Air Permit!

Email Script: The Air Pollution Control Board should deny the air permit for the “Lambert Compressor Station” for Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). The polluting, fracked-gas station, would be sited in the Bannister Community of Pittsylvania County, where multiple greenhouse-gas emitting stations are already located, dangerously impacting air quality. The LCS permit does not appropriately consider environmental justice, hazardous air pollutants, nor the cumulative health impacts from the existing infrastructure in the area. MVP has and would continue to bring harmful impacts to air and water quality and community health. Allowing MVP to move forward with their proposed “Southgate” extension is a mistake, as MVP “mainline” is years behind schedule and faces serious legal, permitting and financial roadblocks.The Lambert Compressor Station air permit should be denied.

Contact VA Governor Ralph Northam 

Call and email Governor Northam to let him know our concerns.

  • Email form: Link; Virginia Office of the Governor; phone #: (804) 786-2211
  • Head of Constituent Services:

Subject: Listen to the Va Council on Environmental Justice and ban all new fossil fuel projects!

Email Script: The Virginia Council on Environmental Justice has called on you to issue a moratorium on all new fossil fuel projects and permits in the state – and I urge you to do so. The Council and Virginians across the Commonwealth recognize a moratorium is necessary to “fulfill your climate and environmental justice commitments” and to move Virginia to a clean, equitable future. This must include any new Mountain Valley Pipeline water or air permits.

You missed your opportunity to uphold the Council’s recommendation in 2018, and since then, MVP has created irreparable harm to VA communities and water resources. New fossil fuel infrastructure means greenhouse gas emissions and further harm to our air, water, land and climate. Listen to the Council – enact a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure.

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  • Mountain Valley Pipeline has had over 300 water quality violations. Stop MVP Southgate construction immediately, @POTUS!
  • The impacts that MVP Southgate would bring to our communities and our environment are not justified. Protect the people and our planet, @POTUS.  


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