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South Hadley Mothers for clean energy

All Children Deserve Clean Air

Did you know that South Hadley has entered a 30-year contract with other municipal utilities to construct a new oil and gas peaker power plant in Peabody, partially financed by our ratepayer funds?

All children deserve to breathe clean air. We should be building clean energy for their future, not adding pollution to the air that children in another community like ours will have to breathe.

The dirty power plant (called a “peaker plant” because it would run at peak demand times) would cost $85 million and could emit nearly 51,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. That’s the equivalent of adding 11,000 combustion-engine cars to MA roads each year!

South Hadley has contracted for 10% of the power that would be created by this fossil fuel plant. However, there are more environmentally and financially viable options for meeting energy demands, such as investing more in renewable energy, battery storage, and strategies that reduce energy demand at peak times. South Hadley does not need to get more power from fossil fuel sources!

What We Can Do

Holyoke and Chicopee have both recently opted out of the contract, and there’s still time for South Hadley to opt-out too! South Hadley Light Board officials need to hear that residents have concerns about the plant and want South Hadley to opt-out.

This plant would be costly, harmful to public health, and would accelerate climate change if built. The air pollution caused from burning fossil fuels has been linked to health issues such as asthma, other respiratory issues, cancer, and premature death.

Join concerned mothers and others by telling South Hadley Electric Light Department (SHELD): It’s time to opt-out of the contract with Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC) to build new fossil fuel infrastructure.


More Information

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