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Send a Postcard to Support SB467

Thank you for helping us flood the offices of California state Senators Eggman, Hueso, and Hertzberg with postcards!

If just one of them commits to voting for the revised SB 467 to create setbacks (health-and-safety buffer zones around toxic oil & gas drilling operations), the bill will be reconsidered at the April 27th meeting of the Senate Natural Resources Committee!

Directions: If you have access to a printer, simply print out slides 2, 4 and/or 6 to send postcards to Senators Eggman, Hueso and/or Hertzberg. (Senator Eggman is the top priority!) You or your kids can color in the drawing and hand-write a message on back. We’ve provided sample language for each Senator, which you’re welcome to personalize.

**Please mail your postcards to the addresses provided on Thurs, 4/22!**


Download all the postcards here: