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Supply List

In-person outdoor

Considering social distancing each attendee should receive a Listening Session Packet with items which will allow facilitation and interactions, to be distanced. 

The packet will include: 

  • Post-it’s (small for the specific amount of voting options)
  • Marker & Pen
  • Purpose of Listening Session 1 Pager (Option: provide QR code on table for 1 pagers to reduce paper).  Keep in mind tech requirements reduce accessibility.
  • Optional Swag Item: Mug, Beanie, Sticker,

Facilitation needs:

  • Flip chart paper 
  • Easels Consider wind. Hint: Have someone bring pails/buckets full of rocks or sand to weigh down, or tie downs for camping if your event is on grass or turf. 
  • Large (4” x 6”) self-stick removable notes for parking lot & question board
  • Markers (nonbleed) 
  • A binder containing: 
  • The session schedule 
  • The facilitator notes and script 

A Tabling Supply box containing:

  • Brochures link
  • Swag 
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Painter’s tape 
  • Name tags 
  • Photo Booth Props
  • Agenda handouts (optional)
  • Registration printouts (optional)
  • Membership Envelopes (Devo provides)

Participation Incentives:

  • $10 or $20 gift cards to thank participants for their time.
  • Randomly select a winner for a larger gift card of $30, $50


Facilitation needs:

  • Zoom Background (for facilitator, team members with roles)
  • Slidedeck (Copy and edit to fit your facilitations needs).
    • The facilitators script is in the slide notes.
  • Instead of Flip chart paper online we use Jam Board by G Suite
    • Listening Session Template (Copy and edit to fit your facilitations needs).
      • This includes postits and other interactive ways to engage folks virtually.

Participation Incentives:

  • $15 or $25 | Virtual Gift cards to thank participants for their time. | Grubhub, Postmates, Doordash, & UberEats
  • Select the most active/ or thoughtful point participant to be a winner for a larger gift card of $30, $50


If presenting on a screen is not possible: 

In-Person | No Visual Tech Capabilities Prep

Write the following headings on sheets of adhesive flip chart paper prior to the event.

  1. The Agenda (See the next page.) 
  2. How Today’s Information Will Be Used | Priority issues and comments will be summarized and used to inform community work. The results will be shared with you in our “2021 Fall <insert local community name here> Listening Session Report” 
  3. Let’s Review Common Terms Together
  4. Session Overview :
    1. Discussion Topics
    2. Issue ID
    3. Brief Overview Our Work & Feedback
    4. Network & Food
  1. Group Agreements (Leave space for adding more.) 
    • Switch all electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode 
    • Be open to different opinions 
    • One person speaks at a time 
    • Be concise and use concrete examples whenever possible 
    • Encourage everyone to participate 
  • Facilitator: share fire exits and restrooms (in-person events)
  1. Our Work & Feedback
  • Feedback/ Suggestions/Delta  for event – near exit, available at all times
  1. Parking Lot (aka issues to discuss later today or future)