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MA: Call Your Legislator


  1. Sign our pledge form
  2. Find your state legislators using the Find My Legislator tool
  3. Call them and tell them you want action on climate change
What should you say?

It can be something as simple as…

“Hi. I’m (YOUR NAME) from (YOUR CITY). I’m calling today because I’m worried about climate change. We are already experiencing extreme weather here in Massachusetts, and I want to see bold action now. What is (YOUR LEGISLATOR) doing to address the climate crisis?”

Get to know your state legislators.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Call your legislators regularly and remind them that their constituents want bold action on climate change. Set yourself a calendar reminder to check back in every few months!

Did you know?

State legislators don’t hear from constituents very often. Their work on Beacon Hill doesn’t receive much media attention unless an issue is highly controversial. As a result, they usually hear more from lobbyists than constituents.

This is where we can make a big impact. Just a handful of Mothers Out Front members advocating for action on climate change can make a big difference.