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Tell President Biden to Declare a Climate Emergency!

We must take bold action to ensure a livable climate for all children. President Biden must take executive action and use the powers of his office to declare a climate emergency.

Sign here and join mothers across the country in telling the President to call this climate crisis what it is– an emergency.

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The stakes could not be higher. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that we are on the cusp of a highly consequential global tipping point – we now have only three years, until 2025, to bring global greenhouse gas emissions past their peak and into decline in order to avert catastrophic temperature rise.

This is an emergency. We call on President Biden to use the powers of his office to declare a climate emergency and unlock the broad powers of the National Emergency Act (NEA) and immediately pursue an array of regulatory and administrative actions to slash emissions, protect public health, support national and energy security, and improve our air and water quality.

We cannot condemn America’s children to a lifetime of drought, floods and insecurity. We must do everything within ou power to protect them from the threats of the very real and looming climate crisis.  They will face a lifetime of catastrophe if immediate action is not taken.