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Thank Your Legislators for Supporting the THRIVE Act

The THRIVE Act is a road map to recovery. It is a recently introduced resolution with a plan to put millions of people back to work building an economy that prioritizes climate, racial, and economic justice.

We are facing a climate crisis, continuous racial injustice, a global pandemic, mass unemployment; all of these things are happing intersectionally. Our response to these crises will shape our society for us tomorrow and for children decades to come.

The THRIVE Act is the result of months of collaboration between dozens of grassroots groups advocating for climate, economic, and racial justice. It proposes a just economic recovery plan that upholds eight pillars:

1. Create millions of good, safe jobs with access to unions

2. Build the power of workers to fight inequality

3. Invest in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities to build power and counteract racial and gender injustice

4. Strengthen and heal the nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous nations

5. Combat environmental injustice and ensure healthy lives for all

6. Avert climate and environmental catastrophe

7. Ensure fairness for workers and communities affected by economic transitions

8. Reinvest in public institutions that enable workers and communities to thrive

A just economic recovery along these lines would put millions to work in good union jobs, resulting in the largest expansion of clean, renewable energy in history. It would prioritize investment in Black, Brown and Indigenous communities while ensuring clean air, clean water, and healthy communities for all.

Thank the co-sponsors of the THRIVE Act!