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Brookline Mothers Out Front Statement Regarding MBTA Communities Act

On October 25, the Brookline Mothers Out Front (BMOF) Leadership Team approved a statement regarding the Town’s compliance with the MBTA Communities Act (MBTA-CA). The Act requires communities served by the MBTA to modify their zoning to allow for multi-family housing to be built near public transit, without special permits. Warrant Articles that define how Brookline will comply with the MBTA-CA will be considered and voted on at the Special Town Meeting that begins on November 14.

BMOF’s statement appears below:


Brookline Mothers Out Front believes that transit-friendly housing can be a climate solution, and that by increasing housing density near public transportation, Brookline can contribute to solving our regional housing affordability crisis with benefits for the climate and for our community. Both statewide and here in Brookline, we feel that housing, climate, quality of life, diversity and a thriving economy are all critically important community issues.

We therefore support enacting zoning changes that both comply with the requirements of the MBTA Communities Act and vigorously encourage construction of additional housing near Brookline’s public transit.

Brookline Mothers Out Front endorses the Select Board’s negotiated Consensus Plan (Warrant Article 1 of STM4, as amended October 17, 2023).

Acknowledging that increasing housing density could, without appropriate oversight, exacerbate heat island effects and environmental injustice, we urge the Town to continue advancing a broad program of climate mitigation and resilience strategies.

We extend our appreciation to our elected and appointed Brookline leaders, Town staff, and community organizations who have worked toward achieving a mutually acceptable MBTA-CA proposal. Their efforts serve as a model for future civic debate on important community issues, including other climate solutions.