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Mothers Leading the Fight for Climate Justice

About Us

Powered by moms, our California team is at the forefront of climate action, fighting for a just and livable future for all children. From our current campaign for buffer zones between oil drilling and homes and schools, to community-building, we’re making real change – and we invite you to be a part of it!


A Just Transition to Renewables

In California, we’re fighting for equitable solutions to ensure a just transition to clean energy. We are harnessing the power of mama-bear love to push dirty fossil fuels out of California one community at a time to protect our kids’ health and future. We have a short but real window of time to act. We have the knowledge, skills, and much of the technology we need to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising to catastrophic levels. Now we need action.

Our goals:

  • 100% shift to renewable energy sources by 2030
  • Legislation to protect communities from harmful fossil-fuel drilling

Help us stand up against fossil fuels to ensure a healthy climate for all children!

Accountable School Boards for Healthy Schools

In California, we are advocating for the widespread adoption of school board resolutions promoting renewable energy, electric school buses, and climate-focused curriculum. 

Fair Access to Federal and State Funding for BIPOC and Low-Income Communities

We are ensuring equitable access to tax credits for making climate-smart choices and targeted funding for electric vehicles, fostering an inclusive transition to a sustainable future.


Join a Local Team

Our movement is led by our local teams of dedicated volunteers, who determine their community’s needs and choose their own goals. We empower them with training, coaching, and ideas to move their communities and states from dirty to clean energy.

Team members come together to learn, strategize, meet with elected and business leaders, testify at hearings, and plan and show up at rallies and other events. At the same time, they add to their team – and their power – by hosting house parties and engaging new people.

Our teams welcome volunteers at all levels – from those who feel called to help build a local team to those who only have time to sign a petition or attend an event. Knowing that it will take everyone to create a sustainable future for all children, we all do what we can.

Take Action

Volunteer with us!

Join our California mothers!

CA – Tell Gov & CALGEM We Need a 2,500-foot Setback

Sign Petition to Governor Newson: Ask Him to Stop, Drop & Roll

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