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Welcome! We're glad you found us!

We are mothers and others speaking with the roar of a mother bear, fighting for a just, healthy, clean energy future for all children.

Are you urgently concerned about climate change? So are we!

About Us

The Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front communities are vibrant and growing. We have two organized locations, in Amherst and in Northampton, with many members all over Western Massachusetts.

We hold regular meetings/discussions, sponsor actions and forums, meet with local and state officials, arrange family potlucks and outings, host speakers, and partner with other climate change-related and justice organizations, so check out our Facebook page to stay up to date.

Our leadership groups, the Organizing Teams, are made up of open-hearted and dynamic women who actively engage mothers, grandmothers, and others to do something NOW about our children’s future.

If you want to join in, there are plenty of opportunities, big and small.

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New Gas? No Thanks! We’re Going with Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Mothers Out Front Pioneer Valley is working with other organizations in the Valley to plan for a just transition to 100% renewable energy. We are working to:

1. Use less energy overall by increasing home and municipal energy efficiency and conservation. MOF in Amherst and Northampton helped to pass local resolutions for 100% Renewable Energy. We are part of a Valley-wide coalition that successfully stopped a plan by Columbia Gas for expanded infrastructure.

2. Convert our buildings from gas and oil heat to electric.  In Northampton, we helped to lead a city campaign to convert home heating and cooling to highly efficient mini-splits. In Amherst, we passed a bylaw mandating Zero Energy new municipal buildings which means fossil fuels cannot heat or power new Town buildings.

3. Build local renewable energy sources. We helped launch an inter-municipal collaboration to localize and green our energy sources, create local jobs, and let our communities choose their energy future using an expanded model of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA 3.0). Members in Pelham on the Select Board and Energy Committee are overseeing expanded solar and resilience development.

4. Pass state legislation that will help move Massachusetts off of fossil fuels in the transportation and building sectors in a just transition to electrification and renewable heat. The priority bills are Rep Benson’s Carbon Pricing bill, H.2810, The FUTURE Act, S.1940/H.2849, and two Environmental Justice bills, S.453/h.826 and S.464/H.761. For more info on Mothers Out Front Massachusetts legislative priorities click here.

What Can I Do?

Right Now:

In Community:

  • Meet (via zoom) a member over coffee to talk about how you might get involved. Contact us by email:
  • Attend the community meeting nearest you:
    • Amherst monthly meeting is the third Wednesday, 6-8pm in Amherst. Open to all. Children welcome.
    • Northampton meeting is every other week Tuesday evenings but email to check.
  • Attend a Mothers Out Front training (past offerings: environmental justice, house party coordinating, facilitator, telling your story). Telling our personal narratives is a core organizing tool in Mothers Out Front. Hearing what moves one of us to do something about climate change moves all of us. Our stories bind us together. What’s yours?
  • Sign up to hear about all local climate action through the Climate Action Now Western Mass newsletter.
  • Attend a Springfield Climate Action Coalition meeting to do anti-poverty work and implement the Climate Action and Resilience Plan for the city. Contact felicia.mednick at verizon dot net.



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