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Ipswich – North Shore


We are mothers, grandmothers, and others in the Ipswich area (Boston North Shore) working together to ensure a livable climate and sustainable future for our times and future.

We are driven by a sense of urgency and by the fierce force of mother love.

Together, we are stronger in our work for a clean energy future, thriving environment and healthy families.


Our 2021 Campaign

Soil Cycle!

Turn your food waste into “black gold” – compost!

Right in your own kitchen, you can reduce food “waste” and start to rebalance the natural carbon cycle, which depends on healthy soil.

Sign up for your town’s food scrap collection program, and work with us to get every resident (and town) in the game.

Take the compost pledge!

Join Us!

Whether you’re new to helping transition to a sustainable future or an experienced climate activist, we invite you to our group. We need everyone’s talents to preserve the beautiful green and blue world for everyone – say, an hour or two supporting a public event, a message to your representatives, helping to get the word out. Or building your skills as a changemaker and leader.

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The Compost Pledge

Pledge to be part of the solution! Sign our North Shore SoilCycle Pledge.


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