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Jamaica Plain

Mothers Out Front Jamaica Plain engages mothers and other allies in addressing climate change at various levels – the personal, neighborhood, city, state level, and beyond.

Get Involved.

We meet monthly for planning and conversation and have several action teams that meet between times. We sponsor regular meet-ups, house parties, coffee shop drop-ins, art builds, meetings with legislators, and other events for those who want to be involved but can’t manage a regular meeting. We welcome your interest and involvement, at whatever level.  

Building Our Team

  • We hold regular house parties, meet-ups, and other events to engage with JP and other Boston residents who care about climate change. We have had meet-ups on gas leaks, a report-back from the Paris climate talks, and ways to get involved in Mothers Out Front.
  • We participate in marches, parades, and rallies in solidarity with other climate action groups – like the Women’s March, March for Science, HONK Festival, the Louis D. Brown Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, and the Wake Up The Earth festival.

Our members are involved in a wide range of other work for Mothers Out Front:

  • participating in statewide task forces on stopping new gas pipelines and encouraging renewable energy
  • coaching newly-forming Mothers Out Front teams in Massachusetts and other states
  • working on environmental justice issues
  • growing the diversity of our movement

Join us!

For more information, or to get involved in any of the initiatives described above:

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