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Mothers Out Front is mobilizing in West Roxbury. Join us!

About Us

We are mothers and allies in West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Hyde Park coming together to make climate change an issue that informs how we live our lives and moves our leaders to take action.

As a chapter of Mothers Out Front, we are part of a powerful grassroots movement to ensure a livable climate for all children.

We welcome volunteers at all levels – from those who feel called to help build our chapter to those who only have time to sign a petition. We all do what we can.

Our Current Campaigns

Community Choice Electricity in Boston

Many Massachusetts towns and cities, including Boston, now have programs that purchase cleaner sources of electricity for their residents.  By purchasing electricity for the whole city, Boston’s Community Choice Electricity (CCE) is able to negotiate competitive, stable rates for electricity made from more renewable sources of energy.  Participation in CCE helps speed our transition to clean electricity while reducing regional air pollution from fossil fuels, a win in so many ways.  Residents can do more by opting-in to 100% clean energy. That is why Mothers Out Front is so excited about Boston’s CCE program.



Boston’s cast-iron gas pipe system, one of the oldest in the country, leaks like crazy. There are 200 reported gas leaks in West Roxbury alone. Utilities pass the cost of leaking gas to the ratepayers – to all of us – so there is not much incentive for them to solve the problem. 

Methane gas leaks warm our climate, threaten our safety, harm our health, and kill our trees. Mothers Out Front is demanding that National Grid prioritize and fix West Roxbury’s largest gas leaks.


Get Involved

We are eager to meet you! The future needs all of us to mobilize for a livable climate. Stop worrying about climate change and start taking action – you can make a difference! We welcome your interest and involvement, at whatever level. Right now, all of our gatherings are done virtually over Zoom.

Contribute your skills. 

There are many ways you can donate your time and expertise: organizing events or on-line actions, researching topics related to our work, helping with publicity, and everything in between! Don’t worry about having too little time to offer. We can find a task that fits the amount of time you have available while still making a meaningful impact.


Take action

Join our email list and find out about opportunities to take action when our numbers are needed to influence decision makers on legislation that matters. You’ll be asked to make calls, write letters, send emails, and use social media to make change.


Questions or ideas to share?

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