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Tompkins County

Engaging Community Action To Preserve a Livable Climate for Our Children and Young People Everywhere



  • Accessibility: making our work as accessible as possible to a diverse range of mothers and others
  • Community: engaging our local community members and working along with allies on issues that matter to us all
  • Education: reaching out to the public with information on climate related issues, with the understanding that folks “don’t know what they don’t know”
  • Justice: holding the intersections of social justice and the effects of the climate crisis at the center of our work
  • Heart: harnessing the fierce love we have for our children and grandchildren to make change as we center personal stories and relationship building
  • Support: creating a culture of understanding and mutual care within our team, supporting and empowering one another to learn, stretch, and do this crucial activism while holding the complexities of parenthood

Current priorities:

  • NY’s CCIA (Climate and Community Investment Act)
  • Regenerative Agriculture 
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Community outreach and relationship building

Regular Meeting Time:

  • Mothers Out Front Tompkins meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-9 pm, currently via Zoom.

Social Media:


  • Team Outreach Coordinator: Nora Brown,


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