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Kansas City


Mothers Out Front KC started in 2020 to work for stronger climate action from our leaders at the local level. Our focus is on changing the systems that cause climate change through policy change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental injustice.

Our Campaigns 

100% Clean Energy

Kansas City ranks as the 22nd worst metro region in the world for greenhouse gas emissions per capita.

Meaning globally, Kansas City is a top contributor to the climate crisis. We are not okay with that!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Switching to local renewables is the biggest thing we can do locally to protect our children’s health and future. We have enough wind and solar potential to meet our power needs with 100% renewables.

We are calling on Mayor Lucas to:

  • Commit to 100% clean electricity by 2030 by
    • Signing the Mayors for Clean Energy Pledge
    • Including 100% clean electricity by 2030 in the Climate Action Plan
    • Support the Climate Action Plan planning process

State regulators require Evergy to listen to what their customers want when making energy decisions. So the more cities voice their preference for clean energy, the more likely they are to green their energy mix.

KCMO Climate Action Plan Update

Kansas City was ahead of its time when it passed its first Climate Protection Plan back in 2008. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated since.

In early 2020 we advocated with local allies for the City to commit to updating the plan. In April 2020, Resolution 200005 passed 11-1, giving the green light to update the plan!

We will be a voice for our children at each step of the planning process in 2021 to ensure the updated Climate Action Plan puts the needs of our children and our community first.


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