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Kansas City

Our Work

Empowering Mothers & Others

Mothers have an important role to play in addressing the climate crisis. Our work is centered upon bringing mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and allies together to speak as a collective voice for action at the local and state level to accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels, and do so in a way that benefits our communities, especially those who have long borne the brunt of systemic and environmental racism. 

We grow our movement by tapping into moms’ networks through house parties. We are always looking for community members to host house parties. You invite the people, we facilitate & get people talking about how we can take collective action in our communities. 

Carbon Free KC

As KCMO updates its Climate Protection Plan for the first time since 2008, we are calling for the City to adopt policies and programs to enable a just transition to a Carbon Free KC.  


  • Keep benefits local & prioritize communities of concern
  • 100% carbon-free electricity communitywide by 2030
  • Electrify buildings & transportation by 2040
  • Keep communities safe during increasingly extreme weather

Keep Benefits Local & Prioritize Communities of Concern

The extractive energy system that has existed for over 100 years is no longer serving the public interest. It harms our communities, gives us no opportunity to choose, and concentrates the benefits on a few wealthy shareholders. We should have more of a say in where our energy comes from and more of the benefits should go into our own pockets. We urge the City to follow other cities’ leads and explore Community Choice Energy, franchise fee renegotiation, and public power.

100% clean electricity by 2030 

Electricity generation is the biggest contributor to the climate crisis in KC. Nearly half our climate pollution comes from coal-fired power plants. We want to re-envision energy usage and infrastructure in the Kansas City region through the promotion of energy efficiency and the democratization of energy systems through Community Choice Energy, community and rooftop solar, virtual power plants and microgrids, and innovation.

Electrify Buildings & Transportation by 2040

To meet our climate goals, we also need to step up efforts to phase out methane gas from buildings and transportation. Methane gas:

  • Pollutes indoor & outdoor air & contributes to asthma
  • Kills street trees and landscaping
  • Is a major contributor to climate change
  • Is not where public dollars should be spent anymore

We also support efforts to electrify all transportation by 2040 while shifting toward policies that center around people, not cars, and increase affordable housing near transportation, jobs and amenities. 

Keep Communities Safe During Increasingly Extreme Weather

The heatwaves, record cold, flooding and supercharged hurricane and derecho storms show that no place is safe from extreme, life-threatening weather. In addition to mitigating further climate change, we must ensure we are taking steps today to protect people from extreme events. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Safe, adequate, energy-efficient housing
  • Affordable access to reliable electricity so people can survive extreme temperatures at home
  • Stop utility shutoffs

A recent climate modeling study by a UMKC research group found that the surface temperature in more densely built-up areas of Kansas City can reach up to 13 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than temperatures in rural locations. (see more)

Full List of Friends of Carbon Free KC

Add Your Name to our list of Friends of Carbon Free KC

Recent Wins & Ongoing Campaigns

KCMO Climate Protection Plan 2021 Update

In 2020, we joined local allies to urge KCMO to move forward with updating their 2008 Climate Protection Plan – which had not been updated in 13 years. We also advocated for & won stronger targets that exceeded the Metro KC Regional Climate Plan & more closely aligned with current science. See Resolution 200005 for more details.

In June 2021, we got a seat on the steering committee for the Climate Protection & Resiliency Plan. Our goal is to ensure our city leaders are using every lever of power they have, including working with other cities in Missouri and leaders at all levels of government, to rapidly reduce emissions and protect our communities.

How you can help:

Methane Leaks in Our Neighborhoods  

We are also pursuing more transparency around methane gas leaks which can occur often, especially in older neighborhoods like we have in Kansas City. 

Methane leaks have negative impacts on our communities, including:

  • Increasing asthma rates
  • Suffocating & killing trees
  • Accelerating climate change

We asked the Missouri Public Service Commission to explore having gas utilities provide a map of active methane leaks on their website, as gas utilities in other states already do. In early 2021 they established a working case to explore the issue and get public input.  

We thank all the neighborhoods who have voiced support for gas companies providing a public map of active methane leaks. See full list

We hope this issue will be taken up by the PSC Commissioners. Stay tuned!

Learn more about the impacts of methane gas in our homes & neighborhoods

Fleet Electrification

We’re in support of the KCMO’s efforts to shift to an all-electric fleet and stop any further expansion of compressed natural gas infrastructure and vehicles, which are not any more climate-friendly than diesel when methane leaks throughout the gas distribution system are considered. 

KCMO Building Efficiency Code Update

Energy use in buildings makes up about two-thirds of communitywide emissions in Kansas City. That’s why in 2020 we joined with local allies to speak up for KCMO adopting the latest building efficiency code so that new construction will use less electricity. The City Council listened and voted to consider the stronger 2021 IECC code instead of adopting a weakened version of the 2018 code that special interests wanted. 

In fall of 2021, the City will vote on whether to adopt the 2021 code as is or with any amendments. We will be working with allies and experts to speak up for a building code that lowers energy use in new buildings.

Composting in Schools

We’re talking with local schools and composting organizations about increasing composting in our schools to cut down on landfill waste and methane from landfills, which make up about 2% of communitywide emissions. 

Join Our Movement!

We need mothers, grandmothers, aunts and allies of all ages from every corner of KC to help us build a strong, inclusive movement!