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Kansas City

Who We Are

Mothers Out Front Kansas City is a nonprofit organization comprised of mothers and others building a powerful grassroots movement to ensure a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean and renewable energy. Together, we can create a healthy climate and a livable future for all children and future generations in the Kansas City metro area.. Join us and take action!

Our Commitment

We are committed to REAL climate solutions: we follow science and advocate for change that will measurably reduce planet-warming pollution. 

As the problem of climate change is interwoven with historical injustices, we are committed to an intersectional, diverse climate movement in Kansas City. More voices mean better solutions and a fight for a safe climate for ALL children. 

Upcoming Events

Every month, we have opportunities to learn, engage, and take action on climate issues in Kansas City. Get to know us at one of our monthly Zoom brunches on Sunday mornings or join us in person at a Thursday happy hour! Find upcoming local events here

Our Campaigns


Kansas City Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan

In 2022, Kansas City climate moms and allies demanded that the Kansas City Council pass a strong climate action plan — and our leaders listened! We encouraged council members to overcome pressure from utilities that want to continue making and selling dirty energy to pass a plan that can make our city cleaner and better for all of our kids. But our work isn’t over. Now we must ensure the City implements the plan as passed. 

You can check out the adopted plan here.  We advocated for the closure of the Hawthorn coal-fired power plant in Northeast Kansas City; cooling strategies like the use of street trees in all neighborhoods; protected bike infrastructure; energy efficiency and electrification upgrades for renters and low-income families; and for better east-west public transit lines. 

100% Clean Electricity for the Kansas City Metro Area

We fight for clean energy in and around Kansas City. Moms showed up in Johnson County, Kansas to demand sensible regulations that will permit utility-scale solar developments in the county. Moms also showed up to support Kansas City’s metro-wide rooftop solar program.

Keep Communities Safe During Increasingly Extreme Weather

Kansas City is forecast to experience extreme heat with greater frequency due to climate change. One study forecast regular heat indices of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. In this new world, air conditioning is a survival requirement. We advocate for energy-efficient housing, affordable access to reliable electricity, and the end of utility shut-offs. 

Cleaner Transit

Transportation is a major source of planet-warming pollution in Kansas City. We advocate for better ways to get around, like biking, walking, and electric buses. Our kids benefit from safer streets and more active transit. 

Get Involved

Kansas City climate parents have incredible skills and interests that can be mobilized for a livable climate. We want to help you find a way to contribute that will be fun and fulfilling! We need event planners, public speakers, researchers, writers, social media wizards, graphic designers, artists, and friendly faces. Don’t worry about having too little time to offer. We can find a task that fits the amount of time you have available while still making a meaningful impact. Let us know you’re interested here.

Do you have an idea for a campaign? Do you see an unfilled niche in Kansas City’s climate conversation? We want to empower new voices for our kids’ climate. 


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