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Regional: Radford

Background: The Regional Radford Community Team formed in 2021 from mothers, caregivers and community leaders advocating for a clean, safe and healthy environment for children, families and communities surrounding the Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RAAP). Team leaders have for many years been advocating for increased accountability for the toxic pollution emitted into the air, water and soil from RAAP since it went into operation in 1941. Toxic pollutants from RAAP have put many vulnerable populations such as children, plant workers, college students and others that live, work, fish, swim, hike and attend school or daycare near the plant at higher risk of adverse health impacts. Additionally, RAAP is a source for NOx emissions which contribute to greenhouse gases and global warming in the atmosphere further advancing the climate crisis. RAAP has been ranked as the number one polluter in the Virginia Toxics Release Inventory Report every year from 2001 to 2019. This team organizes closely with the Citizens for Arsenal Accountability (CAA) but focuses on growing the movement of mothers, caregivers and others that want to ensure a safe and healthy environment for children and families that live near the arsenal (RAAP).

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