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Tip Sheet: Setting Annual Goals for Recruiting Dues Paying Members

Why should I recruit more members?

When we are powered by grassroots giving, we are accountable to the people in our movement. When every team works towards increasing the number of members paying dues, it adds up to hundreds of new dues-paying members every year – and that adds up to more resources, more moms, and more wins! (As a reminder, any donation counts as dues for 12 months, whether it’s $5 or $50.)

Where do I start?

A good place to start is knowing how many members you have now. Here’s how:

​​Log into NationBuilder, click the People tab, click the filter icon and search for “members” (or in MA, “dues paying”). Filters for state and local team dues paying membership numbers will appear, and you can choose the one that you’re looking for!

Based on how many dues-paying members you have now, you can decide what goal is right for your team next year.

How do I meet my due-paying membership goal? 

Pick any of these membership activities that fit well with your team!

The development team is excited to work with teams and organizers to meet their membership goals. We are here for you! Below are just a few suggestions of ways to bring in dues-paying members. Reach out to the development team any time with ideas or questions at

  • Add a short membership pitch at the end of your events online or in-person (use this slide and the pitch)
  • Send an email to your team or another small group. The development team can even help you write the email and set it up.  
  • Bring pledge cards to in-person events, like house parties or tabling opportunities. Remind people that paying dues is another way to engage and support the movement.
  • Have a local membership drive! Bring a group of people together to call or text supporters or even your friends.
  • Or come up with your own idea! What does your team like to do together?

Additional Resources:

Membership FAQs:

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