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Our Vote is our voice #VoteLikeAMom


As moms we know that in order for our kids to inherit a livable climate and prosperous future, we need to get involved.  Our vote is our voice.  Decision-makers from our local Mayors and School Board Members, to our state Governors, to those we send to Congress and the White House, all have a crucial say in how we tackle the climate emergency.  Now, more than ever, as we begin to more frequently witness the devastating effects of fossil fuel extraction and pollution on our planet, our kids need us to speak up at the ballot box.  

Mothers Out Front is working towards building a civic engagement program designed to lift up mothers’ voice in the climate policy conversation.  Crucial to that is electing climate champions and holding decision-makers accountable as we promote policies that help curb climate change, move us towards renewable energy and completely away from fossil fuel dependency.  

For our kids and for our collective future, we encourage all of you to #VoteLikeAMom


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