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MA: Corporate Responsibility General Meeting

MA: Corporate Responsibility General Meeting

Date: June 8, 2022
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm ET
Location: Massachusetts

Bitcoins? Cryptocurrency? While investing in cryptocurrency may be baffling to many of us, there’s nothing confusing about the extreme hazard it poses for the climate crisis!

One bitcoin transaction:

  • uses as much power as an average American household consumes in a month
  • produces roughly a million times more carbon emissions than a single Visa transaction.

We’ll have much to learn and explore with time for Q&A and an action:

  • Cryptocurrency & why it matters to the climate – Erin White, MOF
  • Case of a company making a climate-worthy decision – Charlie Schumacher, Marathon Digital Holdings VP of Communications
  • Political winds – Erin White, MOF