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Special Event

Kansas City Climate and Waffles Harvest Brunch

Kansas City Climate and Waffles Harvest Brunch

Date: November 19, 2021
Time: TDB
Location: TBD,

You’re invited! Mothers Out Front Climate and Waffles Harvest Brunch is coming up! The location, date, and time are TBD but let us know you’re interested and we’ll make sure you’re among the first to know where and when you can some some chicken and waffles!

We are hosting a space for moms of  Kansas City to come together and talk about the climate crisis in our city while eating the best chicken and waffles. We’ve been hard at work all year and I’d love to invite you to join the fight for climate justice in our community but I also want to invite you to come together with other climate moms in Kansas City and see the power and strength of our movement.

In addition, we’ll have some fall crafts and activities for our little ones!