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Racial Justice to the Center

Racial Justice to the Center

Date: January 13, 2023
Location: Online via Zoom,
“Transition is inevitable – Justice is not.” – Climate Justice Alliance

Join us for this in-depth two-part virtual training designed by AORTA (Anti Oppression Resource and Training Alliance) & MOF staff and members. We will explore together the ways that the call for racial justice is inherent to our call for a livable climate.

This training is for all active members, allies, and new members.

This is a two-day training with both parts intended to be taken together.

Let’s build a shared understanding and get on the same page about the critical intersections between racism and climate change as we build our movement at Mothers Out Front.

By committing to:

  • Come prepared and participate in a training that is steeped in learningtools for assessment, and practice that supports participants to feel ready to enact racial justice values in their MOF work.
  • Unpack together some of the common ways that systemic racism, which permeates our society, shows up in our organizing.
  • Learn our MOF systems framing and collective ways we can work to disrupt those patterns as we build powerful multi-racial, multi-class groups positioned to win a sustainable world for our families and communities.