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Act today and double your impact!

My name is Kathy Keller. I’m a mother, a nurse, and a member of the Mothers Out Front Fairfax VA team. I’m writing to let you know that if you renew your membership or donate today, your contribution will have double the impact! A generous donor has pledged to match every gift up to $25,000 during Mothers Out Front’s Fall Membership Drive.

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey, Toms River. A quiet seaside town, Toms River was also the site of decades-long illegal toxic chemical dumping, causing childhood cancers in the surrounding areas. I learned over time that the corporate greed and government neglect that caused this were exposed by a few brave individuals who refused to keep silent. 

Kathy Keller and family

The experience stuck with me. In 2018, a friend introduced me to a group of mothers getting together to talk about ways we could combat the climate crisis in our community, and I knew I wanted to get involved. The electric school bus campaign was an opportunity to make a difference for my son and those I care for in my community with environmentally induced asthma. 

Fairfax County Mothers Out Front advocating for the #CleanBuses4Kids campaign. 


In March of 2021, the VA General Assembly passed the Electric Vehicle Grant Fund Program HB 2118 after 2 years of relentless advocacy by the women of the Mothers Out Front Fairfax team and other allies. 

I’ve been empowered and inspired by my team, by organizers and trainers at Mothers Out Front, and by you – the mothers and caregivers who are part of this movement. While I know there’s a lot more work to do, I am hopeful because I have seen what we can do when we work together. 

Whether you’re already a dues-paying member or new to the movement, now is the time to donate to Mothers Out Front. Your contribution of any amount – whether it’s $5, $15, or $50 – will go twice as far in the fight for a livable climate for ALL children.


Thank you for being in this movement with me.

Kathy Keller