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Celebrate Moms

Celebrating Our Mothers: Lynmarie D’Amore

Lynmarie D’Amore is an Illinois spreadsheet guru. She’s a data collection and data management professional. She’s a nerd (in the best sense of the word) when it comes to facts and figures – and all that is important to the movement known as Mothers Out Front.

In her day life, she works in data management for a company in the funeral industry. When Lynmarie learned that the same skills could be used in a way that helps build momentum for a livable planet, she was all in! Instead of sadness, the Mothers Out Front volunteer data management work is full of hope and hopefulness. It’s been a welcome way to expand what she does.

Lynmarie worked full time in human resources, before she had children – three daughters, including a set of identical twins. But she found herself seeking a path to simpler living and more sustainable living. So, she stepped away from full time employment and found work with an internet-based company. This allowed her to grow with the company as her family grew and needed more of her presence. Eventually, she attained the title of Director of Data Quality.

But she didn’t realize how her work-work would lead to her labor of love.

She’s always been interested in all things environment related. But as she started getting involved in things that mattered to her children, she found her way to the Mothers Out Front website. She sent a message expressing her interest. And it wasn’t very long before she got an answer.

“Typically, people are not looking to do data work. Perhaps they want to do something more ‘exciting.’ But I presented myself and there was a need for my skills; for what I personally as a Mom, who does data, could bring to the table.”

There’s more… “When I think of my daughters, I think about a world in which things function better and don’t get worse. I think about a world where they can contribute and have an impact. When they were younger, it was difficult to connect with the broader community. Now, I can do that and see that it is all interconnected and we can find solutions together.

“One of the things I appreciate about Mothers Out Front is the willingness to take the skills someone has and find a place for them. Meeting Moms and women where we are and finding ways for us to come together – it’s so important.

“Together, under the banner of Mothers Out Front, we can truly create something meaningful for the world.”