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Completing the Massachusetts Climate Bill: Send Our Priorities to the Conference Committee

Mothers (and grandmothers and other caregivers) make great advocates! Thanks to all of you who responded to our Action Alerts and contacted your representatives. You really made a difference!

In the last days of July, two important climate bills were submitted to the Massachusetts House of Representatives: an economic recovery bill and an omnibus climate bill.  Although not everything we wanted was included, the final bills incorporated many of our amendments.

Now, a Climate Conference Committee will meet to reconcile House Bill H4933 and Senate Bill S2500.

The Legislative Team has written directly to the conference committee members to share our priorities for making the final bill stronger and more equitable.

Next, we need you to contact your State Representative and Senator:

  • If you have not done so already, thank your representative (and any others you may have contacted) for passing the House climate bill (H4933), especially the Environmental Justice language.
  • Write a short personal note (email or tweet) to both your representative and your senator.
  • Share our letter and ask them to contact the Conference Committee members to express support for our specific priorities.
    • If emailing, please adapt the sample script below. Attach the Legislative Team’s letter to the Committee members and ask them to advocate for Mothers Out Front’s priorities.
    • If Tweeting, here’s some tips.

Here is more information for you to use if needed.

Sample script for emails

Dear ________,

Thank-you for your support in getting strong climate legislation passed this session!  Now I need you to ask the Climate Bill Conference Committee to include our suggested points to make the legislation more effective and equitable. Please share the attached letter with the Conference Committee members.

Please let me know when you contact them. And again, thank you!


  1. A copy of the letter from Mothers Out Front to the Conference Committee
  2. Click here for a guide to tweeting
  3. Information about the original bills and the amendments we supported (below)
  4. Spreadsheet showing who co-sponsored our priority amendments to H.4912 and H.4879
  5. Find My Legislator
  6. Directory of legislators’ Twitter accounts