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Press Release

Mothers and Caregivers across New York Disappointed, Continue to Fight for the New York Heat Act

Contact: Kia Smith,, Annabella Cockerell,

ALBANY, NY (April 23, 2024) – Mothers and caregivers across New York are deeply disappointed by the recent budget decisions made by Governor Hochul and the New York State Assembly to exclude the New York Home Energy Affordable Transition Act (NY HEAT Act) (S.2016-A/ A.4592-A) from the final state budget. By blocking crucial legislation like the NY HEAT Act, elected officials are prioritizing the interests of the fossil fuel industry over the well-being of New York families.

“This is an existential crisis. Every year we delay taking bold action on climate justice, we put more New Yorkers at risk of illness, displacement and even death. As mothers and caregivers, we refuse to stand idly by while our children’s futures are jeopardized,” said Bella Cockerell, New York State Manager at Mothers Out Front. “We call on Governor Hochul, Speaker Heastie, and members of the New York State Assembly to prioritize the passage of the entire Climate, Jobs and Justice Package. The fight is far from over. We will continue to push for the passage of vital climate and affordability legislation, and we won’t rest until our voices are heard and meaningful action is taken to protect our planet and our communities.”

“The NY HEAT Act is critical to phasing out climate-polluting fracked gas in an orderly way, while saving New Yorkers hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies that we currently pay to fossil fuel companies. As a mom-driven organization, we are outraged that a few Assembly Members sided with fossil fuel lobbyists instead of our children’s right to a healthy environment and blocked this legislation from the budget. We expect Governor Hochul to put our children’s future ahead of fossil fuel profits and push to get the NY HEAT Act passed this session,” said Amy Hill, Co-Coordinator with Mothers Out Front’s Westchester Rivertowns Team.

bethany ojalehto mays (she doesn’t capitalize her name):
“My children rely upon our leaders to act now to preserve the conditions of life not only for them, but for all our relatives. The failure to enact climate policy in this New York budget is a broken contract,” said bethany ojalehto mays, a member of Mothers Out Front New York. “Our leaders are breaking their contract with our children, with our earth. They are failing in their role as those who make decisions for seven generations. It appears that our leaders have not a single generation in mind at all, but only a rapt and profitable personal enchantment with the fossil fuel industry.”

“My first thought upon hearing that the NY HEAT ACT being excluded from the budget is: how will I tell my children?” said Megan Dyer, a member of Mothers Out Front. “Children in New York state are worried for their futures, and rightly so. But they continue to do their job despite the uncertain futures they face. They study for exams, turn in homework and do chores around the house. They know more than most adults about how dangerous methane from fracked gas is, as it is the fastest rising and most heat trapping of all the Greenhouse gasses. 

“How can Governor Hochul, a grandmother, and Assembly Leader Carl E. Heastie, a father, not feel responsible for the futures of all of our children? It is clear that corporate interests rule in New York state, and as a result, underserved communities must continue to bear the majority of the burden for the new gas infrastructure that our energy providers continually pass onto the rate payers. Climate disasters will continue to rise and summer temperatures will affect the ability to grow food around the globe leading to further food insecurity for the poor.

“My children and I have been advocating for NY HEAT for the last 6 years, and have been so inspired by the incredible climate movement that has grown up around this bill and we will continue to fight for the future of this planet and of all of our children. We know that we are running out of time. Our elected officials should protect our kids.”


Mothers Out Front is a member-led climate justice organization. We are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and other caregivers coming together to make climate justice a priority issue that our decision-makers can no longer ignore. We are building a powerful grassroots movement to ensure a swift, complete and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward a clean and renewable energy future where our children and families can thrive, not just survive.