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Newton, MA: Gas Leak Gazette #6


The Gas Leaks Gazette #6

Newton, MA – June 2021

[PDF Version]


Mothers Out Front Newton works to raise awareness of Newton’s dangerous and wasteful gas leaks and to promote safe clean energy. In May we kicked off our 5th Annual Campaign, READ OUR STREETS: G is for GAS.

The 2021 Campaign calls attention to hundreds of leaky gas pipelines hidden under our streets. See the current NEWTON GAS LEAKS MAP (12/2020). Campaign activities included Bingo Cards (#1 #2 #3 #4) and the Protect Our Trees Tree Log. Three lucky participants, Jan Saglio, Cameron Wang, Kim Shanks, won a $25 certificate for pizza.


Help Us Raise Awareness. Learn More

  • Use READ OUR STREETS: G is for GAS to learn to decode the yellow gas pipeline street markings.
  • Download the Bingo Cards (#1 #2 #3 #4), a fun way to identify common street markings and to find gas turn off valve caps.
  • Download the Tree Log to identify gas damaged trees.
  • Go to THE GAS LEAKS GAZETTE #5 to learn how gas leaks are graded for dangerousness and prioritized for repair.

ALERT: When the gas valve caps are paved over, difficult to locate, or in poor condition, the delay in turning off the gas can fuel a disaster. See Flaming Gas Leak Forces Evacuation of a Dozen Homes in Mass, June 1, 2021. MARSHFIELD, MA.

A gas leak ignited Saturday morning in front of a residence in Marshfield, sending plumes of flames into the air and forcing officials to evacuate about a dozen homes…The fire continued to burn throughout the day and into the evening until it was put out around 7 p.m. according to the Marshfield Police Department… Eversource crews were unable to find a valve to shut off the gas fueling the fire, and had to dig trenches on either side to seal off the main.”

Report smelly gas leaks to National Grid 1-800-231-5325.

Support An Act Relative of Eliminating Gas Leaks (H.3354/S.2179)

This bill focuses on improving safety in the gas distribution system to prevent future catastrophes such as occurred in the Merrimack Valley in 2018. It also would strengthen existing requirements to eliminate leaks of methane gas, a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide for the first 20 years in the atmosphere.

It would require critical gas valves, shut off valves, gate valves and valve boxes to be in working order, accessible and to be located by GPS and includes standards for winter surveillance, to detect pipes cracking from extreme cold weather and much more! FACT SHEET

Learn about the Mothers Out Front Clean Heat Campaign 
***New TV SPOTLIGHT on Mothers Out Front Newton***

MOF Newton members Rachel Adler-Golden and Ellie Goldberg were interviewed for the recent NewTV Non-Profit Organization Spotlight.

We announced that Newton’s hundreds of leaky gas pipelines spew 293 Metric Tons of fossil gas into our air, more than any other town or city in the state, including the city of Boston.

Newton has adopted an ambitious far-reaching Climate Action Plan but we will never achieve the goals of reducing our emissions if these leaks continue to spew greenhouse gases. To protect the health and safety of our community it is imperative that National Grid prioritize fixing the super emitters while we all work for a fast transition to clean renewable energy, optimal efficiencies and electrification.


Local Campaign: Stop Gas Leaks

Mothers Out Front Newton works to raise awareness of Newton’s dangerous and wasteful gas leaks and to promote safe clean energy. Join us in creating a sustainable future for our children.