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Who We Are

The Newton Chapter is a group of community members working to address climate change. We welcome people to join our efforts. We welcome everyone – mothers, fathers, grandparents, non-binary parents, and non-parents – to join us!


What We Do

Stop Gas Leaks

Newton has many hundreds of unrepaired gas leaks from old pipelines under our streets. Gas can cause explosions, pollutes our air, and kills our trees. Plus, the utilities charge ratepayers for the lost gas. The Newton Chapter of Mothers Out Front has been raising awareness about gas hazards and waste through our newsletter, The Gas Leak Gazette, and through awareness-raising events. We advocate for National Grid to be more accountable and transparent and we promote state and local policies to fix gas pipeline leaks.


OPT UP to 100% Green Electricity

The City of Newton created the Newton Climate Action Plan to help our community curb greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. We help support this plan by promoting Newton Power Choice, our community electricity aggregation program to reduce Newton’s greenhouse gas emissions. The standard option calls for 80% of our electricity to come from New England renewable energy sources but we can do better. We encourage Newton residents to Opt Up to 100%.


Use Less, Green the Rest

Another way we support the Newton Climate Action Plan is with our “Use Less, Green the Rest” presentation that teaches homeowners how to conserve energy. Visit to find ways to take action – whether it is opting up to 100% renewable electricity, test driving an electric car, installing heat pumps or getting a Mass Save energy audit.


Healthy Soil & Native Pollinators

Healthy soil in our yards, gardens, and parks absorb carbon, storing it underground instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. You can help by taking the Natural Lawn Pledge, and check out the Newton Pollinator Toolkit.


Pass State Legislation

As a chapter of Mothers Out Front – Massachusetts, we partner with many allied environmental and community groups to promote clean energy, energy efficiency and environmental justice at the state level. Newton members support this work by showing up at city council and state legislative hearings and meeting with our legislators to support legislation that makes our community more sustainable.

Stop New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

The Weymouth Compressor Station poses a serious threat to the health, safety, environment, and economy of the South Shore. We support the Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS) in their campaign to stop the compressor station from operating.


Get Involved

Whether you’re an experienced climate activist or new to climate action, we invite you to join us. Together we are making a difference!



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