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NY Moms & Allies demand $15 billion for climate justice in the 2022 state budget

On March 8th, Mothers Out Front Capital Region team joined with at least 500 constituents from across NYS at the Capitol in Albany to demand $15 billion for climate justice in the 2022 state budget. As part of the organizing team, it was exciting to see our hard work come to fruition.

NY Renews coalition partners engaged in civil disobedience by blocking the main entrances of the Capitol Building. In contrast, others marched and chanted from East Capitol Park to the governor’s mansion, home to Governor Kathy Hochul, to make our call clear: We the people of New York want and need climate justice funding saying, “We are unstoppable- another world is possible!” 

Our climate champion lawmakers stood with us in addition to environmental justice leaders in neighborhoods across New York, speaking truth to power acknowledging the intersections between race, class, and climate change. Especially moving was the fact that it was also International Women’s Day, our team of Mothers, Women, and Allies were grateful to be together (in person!!!) and to stand in solidarity with residents from all over New York as we work together to fight for the next generation of Americans- a reminder that while we cannot always count on our government, we can at least count on each other.

Following the rally, the Capital Region team hosted an open mic where we invited activists to come and share their stories or talent.