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Press Release

Press Release: Mothers Out Front Releases Educational Video

Boston, MA- February 24, 2021 – Today, Mothers Out Front released a powerful, animated video that draws attention to the health risks associated with fracked gas. Intended to educate mothers about these risks, this video uses peer-reviewed scientific reports and findings to tell the story of the dangers related to the drilling, distribution, and household use of gas.
“A growing number of studies show that fracked methane gas is bad for our health, and in particular the health of our kids — from the fracking wells to the gas that comes into our homes for heating and cooking,” said Kelsey Wirth, co-founder, and Chair of Mothers Out Front. “What might surprise people the most is the connection between gas in our homes and health problems like asthma. We wanted to find a way to speak from mother to mother to share this information and provide ways to mitigate the impacts of gas stoves on our families. We hope to not only raise awareness, but also provide moms some steps that they can take both as individuals, to make different energy choices for their families, and collectively, to advocate for policies to transition from gas to clean forms of energy.”
Scientific studies have shown that pollutants released by gas stoves are harmful to health particularly in children. Some of the health effects that can occur are low birthweight babies, respiratory illnesses like asthma, migraine headaches, rashes, nausea, and nosebleeds.
To help mitigate the danger of gas stoves, individuals should always vent their kitchen areas either through an exhaust hood or an open window. For those looking for an alternative, electric cooking could be used with inexpensive, induction cooktops or other equipment like an instant pot. Anyone with gas in the home should be sure to have an operating CO2 monitor in place.
Mothers Out Front brings mothers together to share their stories, discover shared values, train as organizers, take action, and lead campaigns at the local and statewide levels. It is a national movement of mothers, grandmothers, and caregivers dedicated to convincing elected officials and business leaders to work for a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy.