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Vote Local. Vote Like A Mom.

Climate champions can be found at all levels of government. Decisions made in city council meetings and by the school board can have as much influence on climate change as votes made in the halls of Congress– sometimes even more. 

Local communities can take steps to impact the climate crisis. It’s important to learn where municipal candidates stand on climate issues and make your ballot decisions based on who will make decisions based on climate justice. 

Here are some places where local decisions meet climate decisions:

  • Zoning
    • Where will buildings be built and what kind of energy will they use?
    • What kind of energy should existing buildings use?
  • Transportation
    • Will we add bike lanes to our roads? What about bus lanes? 
    • Where can we add electric vehicle charging stations?
  • Schools
    • What kind of buses will our kids use? Electric?
    • What kind of energy will our schools use?
  • Health 
    • Can people walk or bike instead of drive? Do we have enough sidewalks?
    • Do we have safe, clean parks for our neighborhoods?
  • Public Works
    • What are our pipes made of? Do our homes get clean water? 
    • Do we offer recycling? Do we make it easy enough? Do we have it often enough?
    • Should we have plastic bags in our town? 
    • Can we plant more trees?
    • Where do we have heat islands? Can we create more parks in our neighborhoods?
  • Community Choice Energy
    • Can we all use clean energy as a community? 
    • Can we incentivize adding solar to our homes or buildings? 

These are all choices made by local elected officials- mayors, city councilors, school board members. These are climate decisions. 

Vote Local. Vote Climate. Vote Like a Mom. 

Let us that you have voted in your local election.