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Our Movement in Action

Where mothers’ voices are front and center.

All is not lost. Not when we have moms slamming our feet down and standing firm, raising our hands and our voices to make it clear that you are not going to take down the very foundation that has made families great today and will keep this country great moving forward. Not when we have organizations like Mothers Out Front.

Gina McCarthy

Mobilizing for a livable climate

35,000 Mothers in our movement taking a stand against climate change
64% of Americans consider climate change to be a top priority

Building a powerful grassroots movement

Mom power is a form of energy and resilience giving every ounce of yourself to become an unstoppable force of love for the next generation.  It grows through mobilization activated in moments of inspiration and shared leadership. 

Michelle Wu, Boston City Councilor
8 years to address the climate crisis according to United Nations



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