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Induction Cooking Library program 

Get Inducted into Induction


By now we know that  fossil fuels cause climate change and that we have to  switch to all electric transportation, heating and appliances. What we may not be aware of is that cooking with gas releases air pollutants that contribute to asthma and other respiratory diseases and that gas appliances release methane even when they are not in use.

Induction cooking is better

Time to switch to induction cooking, a faster, more efficient and equally responsive cooking method. It works when magnetic friction heats the molecules inside ferrous cookware (stainless steel or cast iron), which then heats the food inside the pan or pot. It is much safer than gas because it heats only the cookware, no danger of accidental fires or injuries caused by open flames. It still crisps and browns your food!

Check it out

You can try this new and improved way of cooking by checking out an Induction Cooking Kit from the Library of Things at the Brookline Public Library.  At present the Coolidge Corner branch library houses four sets, donated by Mothers Out Front, Brookline in 2019. Two more kits, also donated by MOF Brookline will be soon available at the Putterham branch library!

Each kit includes an induction cooking plate, a 10 inch frying pan and a 4 or 5 quart cookpot with lid, as well as instructions and a user manual, all in a large canvas bag.

So what’s keeping you from reserving a kit and experiencing this safe, healthy and energy efficient way of cooking?