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Worried about the climate crisis?
Join us and take impactful action!

Who We Are

We are mothers, grandmothers, and allies in Brookline who are building a powerful grassroots movement to ensure a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean and renewable energy. Together, we can create a healthy climate today and a livable future for all children.

Our Commitment

We at Mothers Out Front Brookline know that systemic racism creates suffering, pain, and death for people of color and marginalized communities. It leads to inequities in health, education, economic opportunity and housing. Climate change, environmental degradation and pollution all disproportionately impact these populations. And so we have redefined our work.

Mothers Out Front Brookline is committing to the hard but important work of applying a racial equity lens to our goals and campaigns. It is our responsibility to end racism and repair the harm it has done.  We will be reaching out to allied groups led by People of Color, Indigenous people, and poor and working class people to build a shared vision of environmental justice and back their efforts and leadership. We will center all of our campaigns in equity and environmental justice, and we will continue to push for environmental justice legislation and other equity policies.

The urgency has never been greater to build a more just, equitable and livable world.


Upcoming Events

Brookline Monthly Brunch

DATE: Sunday, May 16
TIME: 9:30am – 11:00am ET

We hope you can join us for our monthly brunch Zoom meeting. Grab a cup of coffee and meet some of our members to learn what campaigns we are working on and how you can contribute.


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Our Campaigns

This year, we are pursuing the following goals:

Fix Brookline’s largest gas leaks.

Hundreds of active gas leaks in Brookline are spewing greenhouse gasses into the air. These gas leaks contribute to global warming and the toxic methane released by the leaks can cause explosions, harm our health, and kill our trees. Mothers Out Front is demanding that National Grid prioritize and fix our largest gas leaks.

Move Brookline toward a fossil fuel-free future. 

Burning fossil fuels is incompatible with a livable future for our planet. Fortunately, practical and cost-effective electric technology exists today. In 2019, Mothers Out Front members led a successful effort to prohibit new fossil fuel infrastructure in new construction and substantial renovation in Brookline – the first gas prohibition outside California. In 2020, we are working to highlight all-electric solutions in our town, from heat pumps to induction stoves.

Lend our voices to local, regional & national efforts.

Mothers Out Front members participate in local working teams, regional efforts and campaigns, and state-and-national-level advocacy for a variety of environmental legislation. We work with many allies to advocate for environmental justice and a livable future for our planet and our children.

Additional efforts

In addition, we are involved in numerous other campaigns and activities such as the “Stop the Money Pipeline” and “Opt-Up” to 100% renewable electricity campaigns, composting, and an induction stovetop loan program at the Brookline Public Library.


Get Involved

Stop worrying about climate change and start taking action—you can make a difference! We welcome your interest and involvement, at whatever level. Right now, all of our gatherings are done virtually over Zoom.

Here are just a few ways to join us:

Attend a monthly meeting. 

Get to know us by attending one of our informal monthly “Zoom” brunches on Sunday mornings – new faces are welcome. Members share updates on current campaigns and celebrate progress together. Email for more information or visit us on social media. RSVP for the next brunch here.

Drop in for a weekly “action-ar.” 

On Thursday mornings, Brookline Mothers Out Front members convene via Zoom for “Coffee, Campaigns and Collective Action.” During this quick, thirty minute session members learn just enough about a specific topic to take action together — making phone calls, emailing neighbors or legislators and Twitter storming. Past action topics focused on the Weymouth Compressor Station, curbside composting, environmental justice issues, get out the vote, tree equity and more. Email for more information or visit us on social media.

Contribute your skills. 

There are so many varied ways you can donate your time and expertise, from organizing events or on-line actions, researching topics related to our work, helping with publicity and everything in between. Don’t worry about having too little time to offer. We can find a task that fits the amount of time you have available while still making a meaningful impact.



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