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Induction stove with cat looking on

Induction cooking

Cleaner, healthier, and more effective than gas cooking!

Why Induction?


Induction is a cleaner, more efficient, and healthier way to cook. Gas stoves release chemicals into your home that have been linked to asthma. Because induction uses electricity instead of burning gas, it leaves your indoor air cleaner and also reduces your home’s climate footprint. Plus, cooks appreciate that induction stovetops heat up faster and give more precise temperature control than gas stoves.

Try it yourself!

Switching from gas to induction cooking can improve your indoor air quality and reduce your climate footprint. But changing the way you cook can feel like a big leap. That’s why we’re making it possible for Brookline residents to test-drive induction cooktops at home, thanks to a partnership with the Brookline Public Library. Sign out an induction cooking kit, complete with an induction plate, frying pan, and pot, and try it out for two weeks.

Induction plate kit in use
Induction plate from Brookline library

Get Involved

Want to help educate Brookline about the benefits of induction? Join Mothers Out Front’s Induction Cooking project and help us grow our library loan program through live demos and other efforts.


TRY INDUCTION Borrow an induction kit from the Brookline Public Library

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