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Green roofs


Mothers Out Front Cambridge wants our city’s buildings to have pollinator gardens, meadows, and farms on their roofs. Watch the video, above, to see this vision come to life—with soaring shots of Cambridge’s black rooftops set against stunning photographs and videos of vibrant green rooftops in many other U.S. cities.

Washington, DC; Portland, Oregon; and New York City are among the cities that have taken the lead in greening roofs. Cambridge should join in.

We want the City Council to pass a revised ordinance to require vegetative rooftops and/or solar panels on new construction over a certain size, along with significant renovation projects.

Rooftop plantings:

  • absorb carbon dioxide
  • cool urban heat islands
  • conserve a building’s energy use by providing insulation
  • reduce flooding by holding rainwater
  • provide urban habitats for pollinators
  • can include food crops—providing local healthful produce

Solar panels:

  • generate clean, renewable energy, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels

There are also benefits to combining vegetation and solar panels—a great combo!

  • A solar array’s efficiency can be increased by up to 16% if vegetation is planted within it. In return, the panels help shade and protect the plants.

We’d welcome your help with this campaign, as we raise awareness among Cambridge residents, create partnerships with allies, and persuade the city to take action. Please jump in and join us! Fill in your name and email below and we’ll get back to you promptly. You are always welcome!

Let's Create Green Roofs in Cambridge - An Online Forum

Join Cambridge Mothers Out Front to discover the How, What, Why, and Where of green roofs in Cambridge and beyond.

About this Event on October 20, 2020

You’ll hear local and national experts talk about why green roofs are happening in cities throughout our country.

  • Lindsay Allen, Rooftop Farm Manager at Boston Medical Center
  • Pete Ellis, Senior Project Manager of Recover Green Roofs
  • Elizabeth Hart Morris, President of GRiT (Green Roof info Think-tank), a leading force in passing Portland, Oregon’s Ecoroof Requirement, a mandate for vegetated roofing.

Discover why greening roofs will help Cambridge to increase biodiversity, add layers of flood mitigation, and open up possibilities for food security through neighborhood rooftop farms and gardens.

Learn about Cambridge Mother Out Front’s upcoming presentation of a revised Green Roofs Ordinance to the Cambridge City Council in November.

REGISTRATION via Eventbrite is required. Connection information will be sent to participants by the day of the event, October 20.