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We are Cambridge mothers, grandmothers, and others working together to ensure a livable climate and sustainable future for the generations ahead of us. Along the way, we are building community, forging partnerships, and empowering ourselves and one another.

We are fueled by a sense of urgency and by the fierce force of mother love. We’ve found that together we can stand up, speak out, and join hands to work for a renewable energy future.

Community Listening Project

We have been listening to a diverse range of Cambridge residents to learn what concerns they have about climate change and the environment. Please tell us what issues are top priority for you and your family, so our next project can reflect our shared community values.



A Path to Reducing Building Emissions in Cambridge

Did you know that buildings account for 80% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions? And that those emissions have been increasing? AND that there’s an upcoming opportunity to reverse that trend?

In the coming months, the City Council will be voting on a set of amendments to the Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance (BEUDO) that would require owners of large buildings to steadily reduce their fossil fuel emissions.

You can view a recording of our virtual event, with speakers Dr. Gaurab Basu and Cambridge Climate Program Manager Seth Federspiel, on these important topics.

Gaurab Basu, MD, MPH, physician and founding co-director of the Cambridge Health Alliance Center for Health Equity Education and Advocacy, will talk about the public health aspects of emissions and their disproportionate impact on communities of color and lower-income residents in our city.

Seth Federspiel, climate program manager for the City of Cambridge, will give a brief overview of the proposed BEUDO amendments. We’ll also have ample time for questions and discussion.

Recent Wins

Cambridge Green Roofs mandate is first of its kind in New England


WE DID IT! More than two years ago, attendees at a community meeting of the Cambridge Chapter of Mothers Out Front dared to envision what their city could be if its rooftops were green. The moms understood that carbon emissions from  buildings worsen the effects of climate change and that vegetation on roofs offer a wide range of benefits. A task force was created to take a revised Green Roofs ordinance through the city’s process that requires vegetative or biosolar –solar panels and vegetation combined  – on rooftops. On May 3, 2021, six city councilors favorably supported pollinator-friendly meadows and biosolar roofing solutions for some roofs of 25,000+ sf.

Read why this is important to residents in Cambridge, the second-most densely populated city in New England.


Get Involved

We look forward to working together to build a clean energy future. Please jump in and join us! You are always welcome!

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Opt Up to 100% Green Electricity

We’ve been working with the city to “green our grid,” increasing the amount of renewable sources providing our electricity. By opting up to 100% Green Plus, Cambridge residents increase the amount of renewable energy in the city’s supplies and help build local solar arrays.

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