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Letter to Governor

Letter to the Governor

Our Fight for Climate Justice

Why are we sending a letter to the next governor?

Massachusetts will soon have a new governor at the helm. The person we elect will have the power to chart a new course to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, implement equitable climate solutions, and protect frontline communities from environmental pollution & climate disasters.

Massachusetts could lead the nation, but our next governor must be ready to act with conviction upon taking office. Help send a strong message: Our governor must champion clean heat and clean air for all.

Mothers’ Letter to Our Next Governor

This fall, we are collecting signatures on our group letter to the next governor. We don’t yet know who will be elected, but we know it’s important that she/ he hears from us. We’re launching this with the hope of gathering at least 3,000 signatures by mid-December. The more people who sign, the more power we will have when we seek a meeting with the governor early next year.

This letter is also a tool for starting conversations and engaging new people. As we meet mothers at community events, outside schools or at playgrounds, we can ask if they’d like to sign. It gives each of us a chance to talk about why we are involved and to hear what’s on the minds of others. We don’t just want names on a list. We want to build relationships and prompt people to get active.