Reinstate Dr. Ruth Etzel; Empower the EPA to Protect

Mothers Out Front was upset to learn that Dr. Ruth A. Etzel, the Director of the EPA's Office of Children's Health Protection, was suddenly placed on administrative leave. Please sign this petition to help us make sure the EPA is up to the challenge of protecting our children from pollutants and environmental hazards, today and into the future.

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As a mother, a concerned citizen, and a member of Mothers Out Front, I am writing to protest the administrative leave of Dr. Ruth Etzel the head of the EPA’s Office of Children’s Protection.

This office serves the most vulnerable citizens of our country, our children. We are concerned for the health today and livable climate tomorrow for all children. We worry especially for those who live on the front lines of fossil fuel infrastructure, climate change impacts, chemical plants, or in cities like Flint, MI where children are being poisoned by lead in their water supply.

Children are uniquely vulnerable to the negative effects of air pollution, chemical exposure, and tainted water supplies because they eat and drink more, relative to their size, than adults. Their fragile systems are still developing.

Dr. Etzel is an international leader in her field and as head of this office at the EPA made strides for children in Flint, for the children of farmworkers who are picking produce that has been sprayed with chemical pesticides, and other environmental hazards to children.

We call on the EPA to reinstate Dr. Etzel and continue to fund this crucial department of the EPA. As mothers and citizens we demand that the Environmental Protection Agency remain a strong agency for the health of the environment of this great country, and its people.



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