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Concord, MA: Make a Plan


I pledge to do my part to address climate change. I will make a plan to replace the fossil fuel appliances in my home with efficient, all-electric alternatives.”

Your Name

Once, you make your plan, where will you begin?

Will you take steps to…

  • Weatherize your home with air sealing & insulation
  • Transition to heat pumps for heating and/or cooling
  • Switch to induction or electric for cooking
  • Improve efficiency with a heat pump water heater

Why Pledge?

Look around your home. Which appliances burn oil, gas, or propane? For many Concord homeowners, the list will include a furnace or boiler and other appliances, such as a stove, water heater, or dryer.

When these appliances fail, many homeowners are stuck installing new fossil fuel systems, not because they don’t care about climate change, but because they didn’t plan ahead.

Don’t let this happen to you! Take the pledge and make a plan to transition your home to clean, safe, climate-friendly appliances. Join a growing community of neighbors and friends supporting each other in the urgent task of eliminating fossil fuels from our community.