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Virginia State Representatives: Support the 2021 Green New Deal Legislative Package!

Virginia’s legislative session starts January 13, 2021 – and it will be the shortest session since 1971, so we need to make it clear that ambitious climate solutions need to be a top priority.

Last year taught us that we can not tackle the challenges of our climate crisis without simultaneously addressing issues of social and environmental justice.  In 2020, we saw historic unemployment rates and environmental health disparities that caused many individuals to have higher risk factors to COVID 19.  This is why we need a Green New Deal in Virginia! A deal that creates a just transition to clean renewable energy by 2036, thousands of jobs in the clean energy sector, economic opportunities for rural communities while uplifting vulnerable communities and workers and protecting rate payers.

In order to deal with the urgency of climate change and stave off it’s worst impacts, Virginia needs an ambitious renewable energy program that ensures a just transition! Virginia’s current goal of 100% by 2045 doesn’t align with what climate scientists are calling for right now

Tell your state representatives to support the Green New Deal Act, and the Green New Deal Legislative Package which includes the following: 

Delegate Rasoul’s The Green New Deal Act: Mandates a just transition to a 100% clean renewable energy grid by 2036 creating thousands of jobs in the process and enacts a fossil-fuel moratorium by 2022. (For more talking points go here)

Delegate Cole’s Fossil-Fuel Moratorium Bill: Enacts a moratorium on fossil-fuel infrastructure starting on January 1, 2022. (For more talking points go here)

Delegate Carter’s Repeal Right to Work: This bill would repeal Right to Work. This outdated law discourages the formation of unions and in order to have a just transition to renewable energy we need union labor.

Delegate Guzman’s Paid Leave: This bill would require employers who have 25 or more employees to provide those employees with paid sick leave.

Delegate Rasoul’s Local Food Infrastructure Bill: This bill will establish a grant program through the Department of Agriculture for infrastructure projects that support local food production and sustainable farming practices across Virginia, in both rural and urban areas. (For more talking points go here)

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