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Work with your community on a resolution!

Work with other moms and caregivers to get your local municipal government to pass a resolution calling on the utilities to enact a #BeyondGas plan

Here is a sample resolution that you can share with your elected leaders:

Whereas in response to the greenhouse gas reduction goals defined in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) as well as in response to the economic disruption from unexpected moratoria on gas service in several areas downstate, the Public Service Commission has commenced a Proceeding on Motion of the Commission in Regard to Gas Planning Procedures (20-G-0130), and

Whereas the purposes of the proceeding include “improve the transparency of natural gas planning and investments in New York”, and envisions a “fundamental shift in [the]way gas utilities do business in New York”, including topics such as non-pipe solutions, gas moratoria standards, and a comprehensive proposal to modernize gas planning processes, and

Whereas CLCPA state climate targets are 40% greenhouse gas reductions from 1990 levels by 2030 and 85% reductions by 2050, and

Whereas, the CLCPA will now count methane as a “carbon dioxide equivalent” in an appropriate time scale including emissions that may occur in its production outside of New York State, and

Whereas, unlike in previous plans, the CLCPA has prescribed goals to meet reductions in specific time periods, and

Whereas it is recognized that heating of buildings is the greatest greenhouse gas emitter and rapid reductions in this sector will move the state into CLCPA compliance sooner and provide good jobs in the renewable energy field, and

Whereas a consistent, transparent, and well thought out plan is necessary to affect a just and reasonable transition where expectations are clear for all energy users and for community economic development planning to avoid chaotic responses such as moratoria, and

Whereas it is recognized that only careful planning can meet the various needs of the economy, transition away from fossil fuels, and provide affordable energy for lower income and EJ households, and

Whereas communities and municipalities have a clear stake in these matters, now therefore be it

Resolved that the town/city/ county of _________________ support the following in order for the PSC to plan a comprehensive, measurable transition away from gas to meet the CLCPA standards

  1. As municipalities strive to create and follow their own greenhouse gas emission plans, utilities must also set clear emissions reductions goals in order to conform with the CLCPA
  2. Utilities must curtail/halt gas expansion and gas infrastructure expansion to meet the goals and deadlines
  3. Renewable thermal energy sources delivery systems must quickly be designed and developed including attendant workforce solutions
  4. Comprehensive planning regarding gas must necessarily include the electric delivery system and capacity as the two systems need to work hand in hand
  5. Competing policies and laws must be examined and addressed.
  6. Gas moratoria standards must be clarified including the data necessary to justify a moratorium, and must set forth clear steps that must be taken with clear notification procedures
  7. Non-pipe and non-transport solutions must be integral to the planning, in order to meet the CLCPA goals and to promote renewable energy sources
  8. Environmental justice and rural, frontier communities must be integral to planning, affordability issues, and access issues
  9. Marketing of gas as a preferred fuel needs to cease and be replaced with education of non-fossil fuel alternatives, and be it further

Resolved that a copy of this resolution be submitted to__________________________