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Mothers Out Front Acton has been working for 3 years on methane leaks


Acton has over 200 gas leaks.

A few of our successes to celebrate:

  • Held 2 public forums on methane gas leaks
  • Conducted an energy efficiency presentation created by Mothers Out Front of MA.
  • Hosted an induction party.
  • Requested of the Town of Acton a full gas leak extant survey and got it!
  • Engaged students at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School to create a website of all our leaks, incorporating the leak size survey.  GasLeaksActonAdditionally students testified at a DPU hearing.
  • Created an art installation of gas leaks called  “Invisible Made Visible”. The installation has 196 bamboo poles standing upright to demonstrate what ~200 leaks look like. We have installed “Invisible Made Visible” in 3 prominent locations throughout Acton. Click here for news coverage of the installation!
  • Promoted Acton Power Choice (community electric aggregation).


Mother Out Front Judith Aronstein recently recorded this video and tweeted:

Gas leak. Invisible made visible. Seeing is believing.

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