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The Arlington Community Team is a group of mothers, grandmothers and caretakers who have come together to make climate change an issue that our leaders can no longer ignore. Along with a growing number of Mothers Out Front local groups in states around the country, we are building a powerful grassroots movement to ensure that all children have a livable future in the age of climate change.

Some of us have never been ‘activists’ before. We are learning that we have more power and can do more individually and together than we ever thought possible. Get involved! Please contact us so that we can connect with you at a house party, an event, or a one-on-one call or visit.

Join Our Next Meeting

Want to help accelerate the fight against climate change? Join the Arlington Chapter at our next meeting to hear updates on our local campaigns and find ways to get involved. All are welcome! Click here for information on the next chapter meeting and events.


What We’ve Accomplished:

  • All Town Warrant Articles we supported in 2022 were passed
  • Ambitious Massachusetts climate law signed into law
  • Tagged and mapped natural gas leaks throughout Arlington
  • Increased renewable energy for ALL Arlington residents through Arlington Community Electricity (ACE) program
  • Art Builds to engage Arlington families and make our voices heard

How We Do It:

  • Coordinating members and organizing phone banks
  • Social media posts
  • Town Meeting testimonials and advocacy
  • In-person events & demonstrations
  • Emailing, calling, and sending messages to representatives and National Grid leadership
  • Writing articles for publication
  • Connecting at playgroups
  • Making complex topics simple
  • Sharing information
  • Turning frustration into ACTION!

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