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Who We Are

The Bedford Community team is a group of community members working with our town and allies on a host of initiatives to address climate change. We are looking for people to support us or join our efforts in these areas and more. We welcome everyone – mothers, fathers, non-binary parents, and non-parents to join us!


Join one of our working groups and help generate tangible solutions to the climate crisis in your community. We reassess and change the focus and groups as needed at the beginning of each year. Check out our current groups to learn more about working with us:


Upcoming Events

Chapter Meeting – Zero Waste 

  • DATE: Sunday, May 15th
  • TIME: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Join us for our May Chapter Meeting where our guest speaker will be Deane Coady from Brookline Mothers Out Front. Deane will present several successful waste reduction measures that Brookline is adopting, working in conjunction with DPW and their local school and food businesses in town. Given our recent successful addition of an Energy and Sustainability Manager, we look forward to learning valuable tips from Deane. Please join us and come with your ideas and questions.


Take Action

Sign Our Petition

Bedford currently collects food waste in the regular trash which would be better collected and composted separately. Sign the petition to ask Bedford to provide curbside composting food waste pick up in addition to the trash and recycling pick up currently provided to all residents.



Get Involved

What can we do about the climate?

Become less of an individual.  Come together and push for solutions.

Bill McKibben

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