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New York State

NEW YORK STATE Mothers Out Front Campaign:  Mobilize to Move Beyond Gas

The Call To Action

The people of New York have effectively organized to make the state a leader in addressing the climate crisis, from banning fracking in 2014 and making this permanent in 2020 to setting the most aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals in the nation with the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.  

In the fall of 2020, we are witnessing the increasingly destructive impact of climate change as fires rage in the west and hurricane season amplifies.  Scientists remind us that the window to address the climate crisis is rapidly closing.  We are facing a pivotal election in November that will determine whether our elected officials in New York continue to accelerate the required just transition off fossil fuels.  

Mothers Out Front New York is well positioned to provide much needed grassroots power to ensure this transition takes place in a timely manner by:

  • Supporting New Yorkers to vote at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Making climate a core issue in the election and beyond in our communities and at all levels of government
  • Mobilizing their power to continue pushing elected officials and local and state decision-makers to enact policies that will transition off gas to 100% renewable energy

Our Plan of Action

  • Supporting New Yorkers to vote: we want to ensure that New Yorkers know how to register to vote and how to vote through texting, phone-banking, and by reaching them digitally.
  • Making climate a core issue in the election and beyond:  We are supporting our members to find out who the candidates running for local and state positions are and inform the public about where these candidates stand on energy and climate policy.
  • We are continuing to build and mobilize moms’ political will to ensure a just transition off gas. We will continue to:
    • Testify and submit comments as part of utility hearings and call on the public service commission to plan for utilities’ phase out of fossil fuels
    • Organize local campaigns to stop the build out of gas infrastructure and the development of renewable energy infrastructure

To get involved email Tatiana Orlov, Senior Organizer at


Join a Local Team

Our movement is led by our local teams of dedicated volunteers, who determine their community’s needs and choose their own goals. We empower them with training, coaching, and ideas to move their communities and states from dirty to clean energy.

Team members come together to learn, strategize, meet with elected and business leaders, testify at hearings, and plan and show up at rallies and other events. At the same time, they add to their team – and their power – by hosting house parties and engaging new people.

Our teams welcome volunteers at all levels – from those who feel called to help build a local team to those who only have time to sign a petition or attend an event. Knowing that it will take everyone to create a sustainable future for all children, we all do what we can.

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