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New York STATE

Join our movement in New York! Mothers and caregivers across New York are advocating together to ensure a healthy, safe, and thriving climate for all families and children.

Local teams of dedicated volunteer mothers and caregivers lead our movement. Our teams unite to fight for systemic change at the county, region, and state levels. Click here if you would like to volunteer!

Our campaigns ranges from: 

  • Shut down polluter sites
  • Promote healthy soil + sustainable agriculture practices to capture carbon and produce healthy food for our communities
  • Electrify our Schools Buses
  • Move financial resources to address the climate crisis and it’s intersections (includes tenants rights and affordable housing)
  • Expand wilderness preservation

Our Statewide Campaigns

Mothers Out Front is part of the Renewable Heat Now coalition, which works to get fossil fuels and get gas out of buildings through legislative advocacy. In 2022, the RHN legislative package includes goals to:

  • Require all-electric new construction
  • Fund renewable heating and weatherization
  • End subsidies for new gas hookups
  • Make utilities plan for an equitable transition

We are also part of the NY Renews Coalition, a coalition of 300+ organizations focused on funding the Climate Leadership Community Protection Act and centering racial & ecosocial justice. We do this by prioritizing underserved, BIPOC, and communities harmed by systemic racism within our plans for transformation.

NY Renews is currently organizing around a $15 billion budget demand for climate justice in the New York State 2022-2023 budget. We are calling on the New York State legislature to allocate funds to the priorities outlined in the Climate and Community Investment Act: community investment, good green jobs, building a renewable economy, making polluters pay for the just transition, protecting ratepayers, and ultimately making New York the nation’s climate leader.

Our local teams welcome volunteers at all levels, whether you have a little time or a lot. Are you fired up and ready to join? Contact our New York team: 

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